Contemporary Fireplaces

During winter, a contemporary fireplace is a luxury to have in the home. At Comfort Solutions, however, you get your money’s worth:our modern fireplaces are not only functional, but they’re also a great decorative accent indoors. You can curl up on the sofa next to our fireplaces during the cold months or invite your friends over for a comfy get-together in your home. Regardless of the purpose, our fireplaces are an efficient heating system and a stylish centerpiece — a fine additional fixture to your home.


In the past, traditional designs were the key to the successful decoration of a home. With modern art exerting a powerful influence on interior design aesthetics, however, more contemporary incarnations of the fireplace have become more popular with homeowners.

We offer contemporary fireplaces in Salt Lake City that suit your period-style and minimalist preferences. In fact, we make sure to keep up with various fireplace requirements and trends. Whether you want a smaller fireplace or a bigger one for more spacious rooms in your household, we’ve got you covered.


At Comfort Solutions, we take great care to combine modern style with practical function. Our contemporary fireplaces have a flair in their design that makes them both elegant and energy-efficient. In fact, they can suit any interior scheme without compromising the practical function of a fireplace.


You don’t have to confine the installation of our contemporary fireplaces to a period home, though. Our modern fireplaces can add depth and diversity to your property through the craftsmanship and quality of our products. Our skilled and experienced team guarantees that your fireplace will make a powerful impression even when there isn’t a fire in the hearth.

Furthermore, we can help you make the fireplace a focal point of your home. Our contemporary models have minimalist designs and art decor styles that look even better when contrasted with different hearths and fascias.


Browse our catalog to view the different types of conventional fireplaces we offer. You can take a look at our fireplace units in our virtual fireplace showroom — the first of its kind in Utah — for a better view of our products.

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