Buying a new fireplace to replace your drafty one isn’t your only option. You could get a fireplace insert from Comfort Solutions instead. An insert is less expensive to install and maintain compared to completely replacing your fireplace or overhauling your unit.

These inserts come with several benefits:

Better Heating at Home

Our fireplace inserts’ enclosed design and heavy insulating properties heat the room better. We also carry models with fans that allow the warm air to circulate the home. Better circulation is an advantage to any homeowner, as it means less dependence on central heating and reduced utility costs.

Reduced Risks of Air Leakage

Although closing the fireplace’s damper is standard procedure after every use, they are not enough to prevent air leakages. Heated air can still escape the home through the chimney.

Installing a fireplace insert reduces your risk of combustion particles and gasses coming back into your home, as it serves as an effective seal that prevents the back-and-forth flow of air through the chimney.

Improved Room Aesthetics

Apart from upgrading the functionality of your fireplace, inserts also bring a touch of elegance to any room. These transform a unit with a practical function as a space warmer into classy focal points.

Add a rustic touch to your fireplace with Comfort Solutions’ inserts, which are available in different styles, sizes, and face options.

If you need help with your selection, our installers are at your service. They’ll take measurements of your fireplace and recommend a unit based on the dimension of your current model.

Convert old fireplaces into efficient sources of warmth. Visit Comfort Solutions’ Ogden and Sandy showrooms to see our units. If you have questions, contact us today.


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