Don’t have a fireplace but want the warm ambiance that results from a crackling fire? A quality stove is a perfect solution. Whether it’s wood, pellet, or gas powered, a stove provides a glowing fire that creates a welcoming space for family and friends.


Comfort Solutions has the perfect addition for your home. Like regular fireplace inserts, our stoves maximize heat and promote energy efficiency.


Choose from an assortment of wood, pellet, and gas stove styles to keep everyone warm indoors.

Turn Up the Heat


With so many cast iron and contemporary designs, finding the right stove is a fun challenge — especially if you turn to us for the product. Our amazing staff will help you out and walk you through the different main stove types:

  • Wood-burning stoves. This can also double as an indoor campfire for sharing stories and making s’mores during those cold Utah nights.

Pellet stoves. These efficient stoves can heat just one room or the whole house. Many pellet-burning stoves come with remote control options and programmable thermostats.
Gas stoves. Strike a balance between comfort and energy efficiency with this option.
Available in different styles, gas stoves heat up homes during power outages or warm you during chilly days.

Quality Selection of Stoves


No matter what type of stove you prefer, Comfort Solutions’ line of products that passed industry standards and rigorous lab testing won’t leave you wanting for choices. Moreover, the attention to detail and sturdy cast iron construction put into each of our stoves ensures your stove will perform well in the long run.


Enjoy a cozy atmosphere at home with a good stove from us. Visit our showrooms today and browse through our stove products. Our experienced and friendly staff is eager to help you make the right choice.


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